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Testbeitrag 2 HDH

Dies ist mein 2. Testbeitrag nach Ernst’s Vorschlag

ffo jerusalem

Basierend auf dem Bildband ‘Ricarda Heidemann und Ernst Wilhelm Grüter, Augenblicke in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv

Solidarity with Rojava — chris bichler photography blog

Very good example of demonstration photography. The Kurds are fighting for their people and their region. Strong, brave and kind. Freedom matters.

My blog post about a Rojava matters demonstration a week later.

Is this the end of a dream? No! Demonstration for the people of Rojava, an autonomous Kurdish area in northern Syria crushed between political megalomania. Some impressions of the demonstration on 10/12/2019 in Hamburg I was lucky to attend together with a friend Ernst Wilhelm, he published an article (in German) about another demonstration one […]

über Solidarity with Rojava — chris bichler photography blog